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Facts about SquareFlow


Customers served

We serve more than 10k of happy customers, coming from over 100 different countries and countless cities.


Servers launched

Since inception, we have span up and down more than 500k cloud servers on our global cloud infrastructure.


Wide Presence

We have a wide presence spanning more than 50 different datacenters, allowing for short distances to all regions of the world.

America (8+)

New York (us-east-1)
Miami (us-south-1)
Chicago (us-north-1)
Dallas (us-central-1)
Seattle (us-north-2)
Los Angeles (us-west-1)
San Jose (us-west-2)
Toronto (ca-east-1)
Montreal (ca-east-2)

Europe (12+)

Amsterdam (eu-west-1)
London (eu-west-2)
Paris (eu-west-3)
Madrid (eu-south-1)
Frankfurt (eu-central-1)
Nuremberg (eu-central-2)
Falkenstein (eu-central-3)
Dusseldorf (eu-central-4)
Helsinki (eu-north-1)
Copenhagen (eu-north-2)
Milan (eu-south-2)
Rainbach (eu-east-1)
Vienna (eu-east-2)

Asia & Africa (4+)

Johannesburg (af-south-1)
Cape Town (af-south-2)
Singapore (ap-central-1)
Tokyo (ap-east-1)

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