SquareFlow Technologies™


The SquareFlow Group is a multi-national technology holding company that operates a global MPLS/IP backbone spanning over 30 datacentres. We usher in a new era of advanced technology solutions, by developing more sophisticated, advanced products creating unparalleled value for the day after tomorrow.

We leverage vast internal research and development resources aiming to develop custom solutions with highest levels of customization, resource utilization and stability, whilst continuously integrating all our core values.

Core Values


In an era where internet rapidly is replacing post, telephony and travel, SquareFlow assumes full responsibility to preserve the right of every citizen to have full and unrestricted access, and the right to full anonymity, allowing those who are limited but able to connect to break away from any form of suppression.


We take performance and reliability to a new extreme by revolutionary sophistication and advancement on each and every aspect of our technology solutions. Today's world highly depends on reliable, high bandwidth and low latency connectivity without any imposed restrictions, to stay in touch, manage every day life and work.