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30+ datacenters.15+ different cities.MPLS and IS-IS.

SquareFlow Global Backbone

About our backbone

SquareFlow's global backbone is one of the most unique in the market. Delivering an ideal mix between hot/cold potato routing and dynamically optimized routing giving you and your customers an unique experience.

We started building our own global backbone with the aim to have full control over paths between our Points of Presence and to be able to control how data enters and leaves the network. Since, we have extended our network, added more Points of Presence, increased overall capacity and increased reliablity and redundancy signficantly. We utilize modern technologies such as MPLS, are able to run IPv4 and IPv6 natively in parallel and even carry Multicast traffic.

We are your ideal partner if you need a global network and a company you can rely on for your mission critical services. Providing 99.995% (less than 3 minutes downtime in a month) uptime guaranteed, along with zero packet loss and plenty of spare capacity to accomodate for sudden peaks in traffic.


Present in over 30 datacenters, and over 15 cities.
Pushing multiple petabytes of data per month.
Built on top of modern MPLS technology.
Native IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity.

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