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99.995% Uptime guaranteed.24/7/365 Network Operations Center.

Solutions for Hosting & Enterprise

Hosting and Enterprises

Enterprises and hosting providers need a solid backbone to rely on and every single outage can cause massive loss of revenue. Cloud providers have changed the initial shape of hosting, shifting away from local storage and centralization. Innovation is what it's all about, whilst the model only works when the underlaying network can keep up.

It's not just data that needs to be brilliantly fast, services and capacity have to reflect potential explosive growth and unpredicted demand. SquareFlow's services are tailored and designed for scaling with your success. And in case someone is unhappy with your massive growth, we also have you covered from DoS / DDoS attacks, fully customizable and adaptable to your requirements.

Our global backbone spans over 30 different datacenters and over 15 cities around the world. We operate it, maintain it and extend it - with a focus on ensuring the highest levels of customer satisfaction by keeping vast amounts of capacity free, automatically and dynamically adjusting routes for ideal reachability and responding to any possible disruptions within minutes.

Adaptive protection from DDoS attacks.
99.995% network and service uptime guaranteed.
Seamlessly keep up with tremendous growth.


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Remote DDoS Protection
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